Terry Crawford: Quadruple Bypass Patient

“The whole unit was amazing. When I feel stressed at home, I joke that I need a couple of days at the Henry Ford Allegiance Heart Center to relax me.”

Terry Crawford of Horton worked at the Jackson Circuit Court for more than 18 years before retiring recently. She loves the outdoors—especially gardening, walking, swimming and kayaking with her husband, Norman. With her level of activity, you might not guess that Terry has high blood pressure and a family history of heart disease. Both of parents and her older sister have had open-heart surgery, and Terry now too has followed that path.

Terry never experienced chest pain or other common signs of heart distress, but she began to notice a pain in her jaw when walking in colder weather, and she became concerned enough to see her doctor. After a series of tests, her doctor ordered a cardiac catheterization, which identified four blocked arteries. “I was scared to death because of what I had experienced with my family members. I had never stayed in the hospital, myself, and I did not want to have open-heart surgery,” Terry said.

Cardiothoracic surgeons Vincent Simonetti, MD, and Mahender Macha, MD, met with Terry and explained that she would need a quadruple bypass. Terry recalls that she was very nervous, but Norman and their daughter Jessica asked a lot of questions.

“Both doctors were patient and very thorough with their answers, which gave my husband and daughter confidence the surgery would go well.”Terry Crawford, quadruple bypass patient

The attentiveness of her care team gave Terry peace of mind, beginning with a visit on the morning of surgery. “I knew I was in excellent hands,” she said. “The nurses were wonderful. In fact, the whole unit was amazing. When I feel stressed at home, I joke that I need a couple of days at the Henry Ford Allegiance Heart and Vascular Center to relax me.”

Terry is grateful for her care team at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, and the special support from her husband and daughter. “Jessica seemed to memorize all the educational material we were given. It was a real mother and daughter bonding experience. I don’t know what I would have done without her,” she said.

After completing the Henry Ford Allegiance Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the hospital, Terry was happy to return to her job, her garden and kayaking in northern Michigan.

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