Dick Dalton: Knee-Replacement Surgery

After two successful knee replacements with orthopedic surgeon Paul Kenyon, MD, Dick has no plans to slow down.

Dick Dalton is a retired master plumber whose life seems even more active than when he worked full time. He still helps some of his old customers, volunteers his time with mentally impaired adults and enjoys power walking and weight lifting. What Dick loves most, though, is practicing sports with his nine-year-old grandson, Brody. After two successful knee replacements with orthopedic surgeon Paul Kenyon, MD, Dick has no plans to slow down.

“I have to stay active and I exercise all the time,” he said. “I have always played softball, football and hockey. Now Brody and I like to play any chance we get—sometimes even before I take him to school in the morning.”

Dick had his right knee replaced in 2008 and his left knee at the beginning of 2012. He chose Dr. Kenyon for both surgeries, he said, “Because when you find a good surgeon, you don’t let him go. This last surgery was pretty complex and what he did was real artistry. But Dr. Kenyon is also very personable and mellow, and he can make me laugh.”

Before his first surgery, Dick came to Henry Ford Allegiance Health for an orientation class. “I learned about the surgery and how to do things afterward, like getting into the bathtub and pulling on my socks. We tend to take these things for granted, but there’s a way to do them safely after surgery.” he said.

For both surgeries, Dick stayed at the Henry Ford Allegiance Joint Replacement Center, also known as the Joint Camp, with other patients who had a hip or knee replacement. “It’s a great program,” he said. “The patients were friendly and offered each other encouragement. It helped that we were all in the same boat, doing our physical therapy together.”

Dick said he was also pleased with the “outstanding” care he received from the Henry Ford Allegiance Health staff. “They all got to know me by my first name and made me feel welcome. I like their philosophy of getting you up and moving the day after surgery, too.”

In addition to having two knee replacements, Dick has had many other experiences at Henry Ford Allegiance Health—and both Brody and his little sister, Ollie, were born there. Dick said he has seen “huge improvements over the years, especially in Emergency.” “I have always had excellent care at Henry Ford Allegiance Health,” he said. “I am a homegrown boy—and this is my hospital.”

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