Teresa Garcia-Blom: Minimally invasive hysterectomy

Teresa said her surgery and recovery were “amazing.” She left the hospital the morning after her procedure and “was feeling great within a week.”

Teresa Garcia-Blom, 56, is once again enjoying her walks near Cascade Falls, since her quick recovery from a minimally invasive hysterectomy.

Non-cancerous fibroid tumors in her uterus had caused Teresa constant pressure on her lower back and abdomen. Her doctor had tried a nonsurgical procedure called embolization, which attempts to shrink the fibroids by blocking their blood supply. This proved to be unsuccessful and, since fibroid tumors often will shrink with the onset of menopause, Teresa and her doctor decided to take a wait-and-see approach.

When the symptoms failed to improve with menopause, Teresa consulted obstetrician/ gynecologist Rajan Pastoriza, MD, about the possibility of having a complete hysterectomy.

“Dr. Pastoriza was informative, thorough, understanding and very kind,” Teresa recalled. “He gave me his honest opinion, as if he were talking with a family member. I felt confident that I had the information I needed to make a good decision. I decided to have the surgery.”

In spite of scar tissue Teresa had from a childhood surgery, Dr. Pastoriza was able to perform a minimally invasive procedure with robotic technology, using the daVinci Surgical System®. The daVinci robot, guided by a surgeon, makes tiny, precise incisions that may result in less pain and a much shorter recovery period.

Teresa said her surgery and recovery were “amazing.” She left the hospital the morning after her procedure, “and I was feeling great within a week,” she said. “I didn’t even need to take the pain medication that was prescribed for me.”

Since her surgery, Teresa is noticing she has more energy and no pain. “I just have this feeling of lightness now—both physically and emotionally.”

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